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5 phone apps to help you in school

2019-08-27, 17:06

1. Castle quiz - a strategic quiz game for high school students on the topics of the school curriculum. To win and occupy more lands and capture the opponent’s castle, you need to correctly answer questions by choosing a specific topic as the subject of battle: literature, Russian, social studies, English, history or physics.

2. Foxford textbook - an online reference to the school curriculum for grades 4–11. In addition to theory and practice in the form of examples and tips, using it you can "visit" more than 500 detailed video lessons with the best teachers. This tutorial is available on iOS and Android

3. brainly. Users of this application can exchange information among themselves, answering each other to questions arising during studies. Available on Android and iOS.

4. MATH 42 is a program for pupils and students, which will not only help solve examples in mathematics, but also explain in detail their course of solution. Moreover, the application offers for each given example several solutions at once. The application can be downloaded for gadgets running on iOS. A similar principle applies to an Android application called MalMath.

5. PhotoMath. This is one of the most popular calculators in the world, which uses a smartphone camera for work. “Just point the camera at the math task, and PhotoMath will magically immediately give an answer and a detailed step-by-step solution,” follows from the description of the application. Available on Android and iOS.