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Tips from the richest man in China

2019-05-27, 10:55

Jack Ma or Ma Yun is the founder of the Alibaba Group, the creator of Asia’s most expensive Internet company. Jack is the first Chinese businessman on the cover of Forbes magazine. He came from a modest family of musicians and in his life he worked as an English teacher, and a government official, and even created the first Chinese Internet project - the analogue of the Yellow Pages. He had ups and downs, but most importantly - he did not give up. And today his capital is about 38.4 billion dollars.

So what is his secret? This article provides a few tips from the wealthy entrepreneur Jack Ma.


1. 4 questions of modern youth

What is a real failure? The real failure is the cessation of the struggle.

What is flexibility? You will understand what flexibility is when you experience setbacks, difficult life situations and disappointments.

What are your responsibilities? Your responsibilities are to be more diligent, work harder and have more ambitions than others.

Only fools use their mouths to speak. The clever speaks with his head, the wise with heart.

We are here to live in full force.

If you spend all your time at work, sooner or later you will regret it.

I constantly remind myself that we were not born for work, but in order to enjoy life. In order to make other people's lives better, and not to spend all the time at work.

2. Look for opportunities everywhere

 In the search for new opportunities do not be short-sighted — try to cover the whole landscape of their professional and financial activities. Making the big picture, do not be lazy to search every corner of the landscape — the potential may be lurking anywhere.

3. About competition and competitors

Competition is like a game of chess. If you lose, you can always play another round. You don't have to fight.

If your competitor is smaller than you or too weak, you should still treat him as an equal. Similarly, if your competitor is much bigger than you, don't be afraid of him.

A real entrepreneur has no enemies. Once you understand that, no one will stop you.

 4.  Act quickly

To succeed, sometimes you need to win the race. This does not mean that you need to run all the time, headlong — sometimes in order to buy time, it is enough to choose the right direction in which you will act. Let your strategy be flexible — so you can adjust your actions, taking into account failures.

5.Learn from other people's mistakes

No matter how smart you are, you'll still run into mistakes someday. One must learn from the mistakes of others, not to avoid them, but to know how to deal with them. My opinion is: if you want to be successful, do not learn from success stories – learn from the mistakes of others . The book I want to write is "Alibaba: 1001 error". This is my most valuable experience.