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Foods containing calcium

2019-07-27, 21:10

Hello friends.

We all know that calcium is an essential trace element for our body. Most of the calcium is in the bones and teeth of a person - about 99%. The remaining 1% of calcium is contained in the blood, muscles and extracellular fluid, where it performs small, but very important tasks.

Calcium is necessary for:

  • maintaining healthy bones (adequate calcium helps reduce the risk of fractures, osteoporosis and diabetes);
  • contraction and relaxation of blood vessels;
  • muscle contraction;
  • transmission of nerve impulses;
  • hormone secretion.

As we understood, it is very important to eat foods containing calcium daily. We offer a list of products that are rich in this beneficial trace element.

  1. Parsley
  2. Broccoli
  3. Eggshell
  4. Soy
  5. Pumpkin and sesame seeds
  6. Red fish
  7. Sardines
  8. Hazelnuts
  9. Almond
  10. Cheese


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Гульнар Арыстанова
2019-08-14. 14:17

спасибо за пост