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How to brush your teeth?

2019-07-30, 19:33

In the morning, after waking up, we perform a number of usual actions - we take a shower, wash our face and brush our teeth. These rituals have become so much used by man that we do not think about their purpose. So why do we brush our teeth? And how do we clean them properly?

Dentists say that teeth should be cleaned at least twice a day, ideally after each meal, in order to keep them 

How to brush your teeth?

  1. The cleaning itself should last at least 3 minutes;
  2. Keep the brush should be at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the teeth and gums;
  3. In order not to spread microbes throughout the oral cavity, the procedure is recommended to be divided into two parts: first, clean the lower dentition, and then the upper one;
  4. You should start with the front teeth, gradually moving to the back;
  5. The lower teeth are brushed from bottom to top, and the upper ones - from top to bottom;
  6. The chewing surface of the teeth is processed in a circular motion;
  7. After rinsing the mouth, do not forget to clean the tongue, where enough germs also accumulate. Remember that the tongue is coated with bloom, which is the same breeding ground for microbes, like deposits on teeth;
  8. At the end of the procedure it is recommended to use mouth rinses;


Take care of yourself ☺️